First you need to root your device then continue...

1. Download NEMESIS TWO TITANIUM ZIP from here: Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service
2. Place the downloaded zip to your sdcard (not inside any folder).
3. Switch off your phone.
4. Now press volume up, home and power button together until the Android recovery shows up.
5. Select Wipe Data. Then select wip cache. Choose "Yes" both times.
5. Select: Update zip from SD Card.
6. Navigate with the volume buttons, and choose Nemesis Titanium Zip with your home button.
7. Choose "Yes" again. Installing wil start.
8. When done, you will be asked to reboot your phone.
9. Go back to the main menu and reboot.
10. Enjoy!!!

Please report bugs if any. The team will be happy to update you with bugfixes in the form of OTA updates.


1. Mobile network not working.

Reset your APN.

Go to mobile data -access point -press left button -reset to default


2. Settings app has weird titlebars
Hehe, sorry about that, that's a graphic error, will fix soon.

3. Some options in Nemesis Hub force close.
Again, that's something we're fixing, expect an update soon.

4. I hate colors.

Well, it's time to try out something fresh and new. Otherwise try out the thousands of other roms that,

unfortunately, look the same.

5. Nice Rom! Smooth and fast!
Well thank you!

6. Can I use xxxx kernel?
This Rom is kernel free, so use any kernel you want. In case of Kernel issues, clarify with the kernel dev.

7. XXXX app is isn't working!
Ask the developer of the app.

8. I hate some things in the Rom, can I change it?
Of course! Nemesis 2 is free for anyone to modify. But if you want to publish your work, please do so in our

forums ONLY.

Disclaimer : Do it your phone at your risk. I will not be responsible for any problem in damage your phone .

Thanks Nemesis Team

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