Any software problem in LAVA E-Tab Z7H Tablet INSIDE

CWM-based Recovery for LAVA Z7H Tablet

Lava E-tab Z7H has a very worst recovery system. So I am giving a new CWM based recovery mode.

Advantages of recovery mode-

1. You can backup your total tablet system to your internal/external SD card.

2. If you face software related any problem again you can enter into the recovery mode & restore the tablet back to the same position earlier you are at the time of backup.


1. Download this zip file CWM_Recovery_for_SoftwinerEvb.rar!download|45...CEE789FD86AB06

2. Extract the zip file.

3. Connect your lava tablet & make sure it is on.

4. If you have not installed the driver for this driver in your pc then
a) Go to device manager ("Win Key + r" then type "devmgmt.msc").
b) See an yellow unknown device which driver is not installed. Click on that & click update driver.
c) Then "Browse my computer for driver" & browse to your extracted zip file folder.

5. After updation of driver finished you have to click "1.##Recovery.bat" from the extracted folder. Make sure your tab is connected to pc & switched on.

6. Click 'y' in the command window & press any key to continue when prompted by command window.

7. Now your tablet will reboot into CWM-based recovery mode. You can see a HAT.

8. Bingo!! You are done in installing your new CWM recovery. Read next very Important.

How to backup you full System-
1. In the recovery menu you can see many option like "reboot system now" "advanced", with a HAT ;-).

2. Use your volume up & down button for navigate & power button to Enter.

3. Now go to "backup and restore".

4. Now click on "backup to internal sdcard" (Recommended) or if you have an external sd card just click "backup".

5. Now sit back for 5-10 min. & let it do the whole system backup. Don't touch your tab. ;-)

6. After it says finished backup shut down your tab by long press power button.

8. Bingo!! You have backed up your Total tablet. Now Go on no need of formatting the tablet & reinstalling of all your fav. apps again & again.

How to restore to your previous backup-

1. This process is little bit harashing.

2. Switch on your tab & listen to a small sound (tap) 1sec. after you switch on at the time of small android logo.

3. Press the volume up key suddenly or it will enter into the home as usual.

4. If you miss it then you have to try again the above steps again.

5.After entering into the recovery mode go to the "backup and restore" and then "recover from internal memory".

6. Bingo!! Now you are done with your restoration. Switch off & then switch on your tab. __________________

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